Reasons Why IFAs Should Blog

7 Reasons Why IFAs Should Blog

For many financial advisory and professional services companies, blogging is often put on the add to next year’s marketing options pile. Whilst there are often good reasons for this founded on plausible objections, there are invariably just as many, if … Read more

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Your Brand Isn’t Just Your Logo

Your brand is your company’s being. It’s what drives ‘you’, what you believe in and are passionate about. ‘You’ doesn’t just mean you as the business owner but all those who work for you on an employed, contract or freelance … Read more

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Your Strategic Marketing Plan Ingredients

Your Strategic Marketing Plan: From Your Head to Action

In many SME companies without a dedicated marketing department, a strategic marketing plan is often either in the ‘it’s in my head!’ pile or ‘I know I should have but don’t have time’ pile. Can your business survive without a … Read more

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First Impressions Count on LinkedIn

If you’re a B2B organisation, such as a professional services or training company marketing to business professionals, it’s highly likely that LinkedIn will be an integral part of your social media marketing strategy. Why LinkedIn? Because that’s where a good … Read more

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Does Your Website Entice Me to Get in Touch?

After I hear of, meet or speak to someone, one of the first things I do is look at their website. Why? Because I want to find out more about the person and their company in my own time, with … Read more

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5½ First Steps to Search Engine Optimising Your Website

So you have a website but is it search engine friendly? Is it optimised to help you get higher in the natural listings of the search engines and thereby more visible to searchers for services such as yours? SEO (search … Read more

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