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Telemarketing Good Bad and Ugly

Telemarketing: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

If you think telemarketing is simply about getting someone to make a few phone calls on your behalf and see which recipients of said calls are open to your proposition, think again! Effective telemarketing requires planning, training, experience and importantly … Read more

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Reasons Why IFAs Should Blog

7 Reasons Why IFAs Should Blog

For many financial advisory and professional services companies, blogging is often put on the add to next year’s marketing options pile. Whilst there are often good reasons for this founded on plausible objections, there are invariably just as many, if … Read more

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Does Your Website Entice Me to Get in Touch?

After I hear of, meet or speak to someone, one of the first things I do is look at their website. Why? Because I want to find out more about the person and their company in my own time, with … Read more

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10 Reasons to Have an Active LinkedIn Profile

For professional services, training and financial advisory companies targeting business professionals, LinkedIn is one social network you cannot afford to exclude from your social media strategy. Fact*: In January 2013, LinkedIn passed its ’11 million members in the UK’ milestone. The 10 million … Read more

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